EVA鞋垫介绍 Introduction to the shoe pad
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EVA鞋垫介绍 Introduction to the shoe pad of EVA
Can you imagine the soles of your feet are made of living waste? Rich enrichment by recycling some polyurethane waste polymerization, you can make this environmentally friendly insoles materials. Ding Zhiran told reporters that they produced the environmental PU insole material, is a car horn, sound, underwear and other waste sponge as raw materials, made of waste, this material can be set breathable moisture antibacterial, deodorant, comfort, protection, light resistance, for one.
Compared to the breathable absorbent EVA material, PU material excellent breathable water absorption, making it more suitable for footwear insoles.
"This kind of PU material with high density, effectively ensure the anti compression and anti deformation ability strong, can withstand the pressure on the long time, high frequency, high strength and deformation. For example, with the two kinds of materials are a pair of cm thick insoles, a year after the same dress, EVA made insole may only about 0.5 cm, while PU made more insole compression wear-resisting, little change." Ding Zhiran said.
Of course, the quality of raw materials also affect the quality of the insole, especially the recycling of "waste" as raw materials, must be carefully selected, and then put into production line for processing. (Global polyurethane network)
Since the PU material made of a pair of insoles can provide so many useful characteristics, so we use the shoe brand, in the process of promotion of the brand, not the more light, more brand value it? Ding Zhiran's heart think so.
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