Hong Zhen PU shoe pad弘振PU鞋垫
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弘振PU鞋垫: Hong Zhen PU shoe pad:
Hong Zhen PU shoe pad:
PU leather and leather PU bag with different characteristics, beautiful appearance, good care, low price; leather is expensive, do trouble, durable. Hong Zhen PU shoe pad
In addition, many of the current steel structure workshop, heat insulation sandwich panel plant cold storage and other industrial uses of polyurethane foam from the addition of flame retardant polyurethane composite plate has good insulation and flame retardant effect. In addition polyurethane materials are also widely used in building exterior insulation materials. Hong Zhen Pu rubber pad
Philip vibration PU insole Pu main applications
聚氨酯也称超纤皮,质量优于PVC。现在服装厂家广泛用此种材料生产服装,俗称仿皮服装. 另外好的包包多采用进口PU皮;
Polyurethane also known as super fiber skin, the quality is better than PVC. Now this material is widely used clothing manufacturer production of clothing, leather clothing. Also commonly known as the good use of imported leather bags;
PU skin is a kind of the opposite is second layer leather leather, the surface coated with a layer of PU resin, so also called paster cowhide. Its cheaper price, high utilization. It varies with the change of the process also made various grades of varieties, such as imported two layers of leather, with unique technology, stable quality, new varieties and other characteristics, for the present high-grade leather, the price and the class as head of leather.
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